Program Overview

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Wildlife Without Borders is a CAVU media initiative to raise awareness and a better understanding of the importance of wildlife and wildlife habitat to landscapes, local economies, and cultures in the West.



The Lensic, Santa Fe NM

the voices

The voices

Dr. Karl Malcolm

Regional Ecologist-U.S. Forest Service
"One of the things that makes me so thankful to be a New Mexican is the abudance and diversity of fish and wildlife that this state has"
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Cristina Mormorunni

Regional Director-Wildlife Conservation Society
"I realize that everything is actually alive, working together to stay alive and I have a role in that and I will continue to play that role as long as I possibly can"
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Joseph Brophy Toledo

Cultural Advisor
"Our pueblo has existed in our area since 900AD and the main reason why we are in this corridor is because of agricultural reasons and a lot of it has to do because of the animals"
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Robert Mirabal

Musician, Author, Flute Maker
"The connection between the native men, pueblo men, Taos men, and the deer is one. We are related to them"
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Program Overview

Wildlife Without Borders is a CAVU media initiative to raise the level of awareness and understanding of the importance of wildlife and wildlife habitat to landscapes, local economies, and cultures in the West. 

Wildlife make life in the West possible in more ways than many people understand. While they certainly play a critical role in social and spiritual life for many cultures, they also preserve the integrity of the ecosystems that provide people with food, water, and protection from natural disasters. Wildlife control flooding, pollinate crops, and provide a host of other so-called “ecosystem services” that often go unnoticed or unappreciated. Landscapes where healthy populations of wildlife move freely are more resilient, meaning that both they and their human neighbors are better able to withstand the impacts of climate change and other hazards. 

Like other species worldwide, Western species are endangered by human land use and habitat fragmentation, particularly those caused by infrastructure and natural resource development on our public lands. CAVU is working in a consortium of diverse stakeholders and organizations to provide a dynamic view of the state of wildlife in the West and the solutions that will ensure that their habitat and populations are thriving in the new Western landscape.

Join us for our multimedia campaign including forums and videos as we together define a new Western ethic for stewarding these iconic landscapes.

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