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Climate Innovation Challenge!

CIC is our free international STEAM program for grades 3-12 that guides students through the creation of climate change solutions while developing storytelling and video production skills.

At the culmination of the Challenge, CAVU showcases outstanding student videos and awards cash prizes to top entries. We aspire to give students a sense of agency and possibility as they move into their educational and professional futures in a climate-challenged world.

Register today for access to CAVU’s science and storytelling curriculum. This curriculum meets Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core standards for middle school students. Built-in flexibly allows it to serve elementary and high school students as well.

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My experience participating in the Climate Innovation Challenge felt customizable and student-led, making the path to change feel much more traversable.

Student Video Showcase

We’re showcasing student projects from around the globe.

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We're showcasing over 58 schools from around the globe. Over 10,000 students across 15 states and 7 countries participated in this year's Challenge.

Seagrass: Patching the Holes of Climate Change

School: Cutler Bay Senior High School

Credits: Aidan, Andrea, Andrew, Anthony, Gabriela, Hailey, Jillian, Jocelyn, Kenneth, Luna, Melody, Murilo and Vincent.

Lake Bogoria

School: Lake Bogoria Girls High School

Credits: Sharon, Margate, Vibby, Michele, Beatrice, Daisy, Florence, Mercy, Ruth S., Ruth K., Nelly, Vivian, Faith and Joy.

Creating Backyard Habitats

School: Albuquerque Academy

Credits: Athena and Adrian.

Fashion Crisis

School: Carlos Gilbert Elementary

Credits: West

High Schooler’s Guide to Thermal Solar Power

School: New Mexico School for the Arts

Credits: Teagan

Managing Our Taxes to Combat War & Climate Change

School: New Mexico School for the Arts

Credits: Ana

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