When people are informed and engaged, healthy societies and their natural resources thrive.


CAVU Flight

As a conservation tool and educational resource, the power of flight is unparalleled. CAVU’s commitment to taking local community leaders and members on these flights provides them the opportunity to witness firsthand the changes happening to their lands.



To encourage an honest exchange of ideas and dialogue on sensitive issues CAVU utilizes film to record unscripted, authentic responses from local residents – we call this style: voices of the people.

CAVU Campaigns

Outreach Campaigns are CAVU at its best. Each one works to create a level playing field and unite communities by fully employing CAVU’s unique combination of tools: flight, film and education. All


CAVU Education

The goal of CAVU’s education program is to engage the widest possible audience. The program is unique because the audiences are not only spectators; they are also important participants.


When people are informed and engaged, healthy societies and renewable natural resources thrive.

CAVU Initiatives

In the News

UNEARTHED Teaser Out Now!

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Our latest initiative is in production and is set to roll out this fall. Learn more at cavu.org/unearthed!