In the arid Southwest, our water supplies are already threatened by climate change – and the last thing we need is unchecked industrial pollution being dumped into what little water we have. Our waters sustain local agricultural and traditional land-based communities, provide exceptional recreational opportunities, and supply diverse ecological benefits to our landscapes and livelihoods. Ensuring strong protections from climate impacts and pollution for our waters  at the state and federal levels is key to ensuring a thriving future for the West. 

Explore these pages to learn more about CAVU’s work to protect our waters.

Polluted Future: New Mexico Clean Water Under ThreatNew Mexico Clean Water Under Threat is a multi-media initiative created in partnership by CAVU and Amigos Bravos to raise awareness about federal Clean Water Act rollbacks that threaten New Mexico’s rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands like never before.

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In “These Rivers Carry Our Stories”, CAVU explores the importance of the iconic Pecos River that sustains the local agricultural community, provides exceptional recreational opportunities, and has many rich and diverse ecological values.

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American Rivers named the Pecos River among America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2021, citing the urgent threat that mining poses to clean water, cultural values, and the local recreation economy.

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