Program Pillars

Our Philosophy

CAVU’s programs fall into two general categories of Mitigation and Adaptation. These two categories represent the two categories of response to the threat of climate change, including, respectively, reducing the magnitude of the problem by reducing humanity’s greenhouse gas contributions and sequestering existing gases, and improving the ability of humans, human societies and systems, and the resources that people value to cope and respond to impacts and changes caused by climate disruptions.


Central Program Goal: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

• Identify and advocate for high-leverage policy approaches to curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

• Translate latest science on mitigation measures and impact of greenhouse gas emissions into a format digestible by the general public.

• Provide communities information about the scale, nature, and effect of local greenhouse gas emissions and engage them in opportunities to address the problem locally.

• Build consensus across unlikely sectors to create long term solutions to curbing and sequestering greenhouse gases, and ensure voices of impacted citizens are reflected in these


Central Program Goal: Reconnect people with the natural world.

• Help to rectify systemic injustices related to climate change through working with groups that are disproportionately impacted.

• Heal degraded areas and build their capacity to cope with change.

• Build the public’s understanding of climate adaptation and resilience (as opposed to mitigation).

• Identify current gaps and translate current science into a format digestible by the general public.

• Identify and elevate solutions actionable by individuals or communities to climate impacts.



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