Mercy Wambui

Mercy joined CAVU in October of 2022 as the Africa Education Liaison. She aims to expand climate education and awareness in schools in Kenya and Africa through the Climate Innovation Challenge (CIC).

Mercy was born and raised in the Eastside of Nairobi and only experienced the outdoors when she visited her grandparents in the countryside. However, Mercy’s deep love for the outdoors started when she took her first hike during her first year in high school with the President’s Award Kenya, the Duke of Edinburg International Award. Despite pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Public Health from Kenyatta University, Mercy became interested in education and nature. During these pursuits, she represented Kenya as a Gold Award delegate in Mauritius for a cultural exchange program that first exposed her to experiential learning.

For the last eight years, Mercy served as an Administrative Director in a school in Kenya; this built on her experience working with teachers, empowering them to best support students to become lifelong learners.

Having participated in the 2021 CIC, Mercy saw first-hand the importance of storytelling in Climate advocacy. Since then, Mercy has been able to pursue knowledge in storytelling and is currently developing her skills as a Production Coordinator, working closely with a National Geographic Explorer to create a film focusing on the effects of drought and human-wildlife conflict.

Mercy is also the founder of Angaza Coaching; Angaza embeds Self-Awareness, Environmental Education and Career coaching through experiential learning and mentorship to spark and nurture curiosity in students. We believe our youth are tomorrow’s climate advocates, and we need new innovative and fun ways of engaging young learners on climate topics.

Through Angaza, Mercy wants to use all her experiences in education and storytelling to help her champion the CIC Curriculum in Kenya and Africa, creating a new wave of young Climate Advocates through the art of research and storytelling.

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