Jeff Phipps

Jeff Phipps, a Florida native, received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University. Since then he has been involved in many conservation and development projects both within the state of Florida and beyond. From 2011 to 2014 Jeff held a seat on the Board of the Tallahassee Housing Authority, he is also on the Board of the Old Westbury Gardens since 2008 and the Sea Turtle Conservancy since 1991. Jeff is a father of two and resides with his family in Tallahassee Florida. He often lends a hand to his wife Mary Phipps, who over the last ten years, has built a flourishing farm that includes eight acres of USDA certified organic vegetables, a honey operation, an ever-growing herd of beef cattle and a thriving Community Supported Agriculture program.

Jeff’s commitment to the environment comes from a long line of family involvement who believes in environmental sustainability, he is the grandson of Sea Turtle Conservancy co-founder John H. Phipps. Currently Jeff is the owner of Growth Operations.

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