The Issue: New Mexico is facing an economic crisis to balance its budget and pay for education. Oil and gas production drives the state’s revenues while other industries struggle to stay afloat. But energy production from an antiquated infrastructure is contributing to massive amounts of uncontrolled leaking methane and carcinogenic gases. Unregulated methane waste represents revenue losses not only for oil and gas companies and New Mexico’s tax base, it is also endangering the health of nearby communities and damaging our environment and cultural resources.

About Unearthed: CAVU is in the production stages of an initiative that will unearth the complicated story behind oil and gas extraction in New Mexico focusing on the Four Corners region. We are taking an in-depth look at the circumstances that led New Mexico to be handcuffed to an industry that is currently failing the state on multiple levels, but one that also offers the possibility of significant solutions. This educational initiative is designed to bridge the gap between ideological extremes, helping the state move towards policy, regulations and elected officials that value and protect New Mexico’s health, environment and cultural history while also working FOR the floundering economy. We believe, regardless of political and philosophical allegiances, all New Mexicans have a stake in this issue. Thus, we are shedding light on the historical, cultural and economic circumstances that brought New Mexico to this tipping point. We aim to bring all stakeholder voices together to catalyze common sense solutions benefitting all New Mexicans.

The Initiative aims to educate and engage New Mexicans of differing political and social backgrounds and reach the widest possible audience by working to empower communities throughout the state. Campaign messages and deliverables, complete with regional overflights, a series of short videos, webinars, PSAs and a potential full length PBS special, will be disseminated through social media/marketing campaigns, interactive webinars, local TV and public forums. The anticipated length of the project is 18-24 months from development to dissemination.

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