The province of Rivas, on the most southwestern corner of Nicaragua, is home to one of the highest densities of biodiversity in Nicaragua. The Paso del Istmo goes from the wetlands , a strip that extends over only 12 miles, goes from the wetlands along Lake Nicaragua across the humid forests of the coastal mountain range and down to the coastal dry forest bordering the Pacific Ocean. The isthmus constitutes an important biological corridor for flora and fauna, as a transit area to seriously threatened species, such as are the spider monkey, they yellow-naped parrot and marine turtles.

The Isthmus constitutes an important biological corridor for threatened flora and fauna, including such species and the Spider Monkey, the Yellow Naped Parrot, and Marine Turtles. “Enter Lago Y Mar” is an inspiring story of impoverished Nicaraguans improving their own lives as they work to protect the local environment.

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