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We believe that when people are informed and engaged healthy societies and their environments thrive. We give voice to those most impacted by environmental degradation and climate change. Using our innovative toolbox: flight, film and education, we help people take ownership of the important issues in their communities. Check out our core beliefs in action at!
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How convenient!

🎥 Attend our "Wildlife Without Borders" Film Premiere & Forum next Wednesday (8/28)
🦌 Learn about #wildlife and #wildlifecorridor issues in NM
📝 Fill out one of our Santa Fe or Carson National Forest management plan comment cards
📬 Leave them with us and we'll deliver!

More info:
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File this under “Duh!” and support strong, state-level #methane safeguards at!

#cutmethane #MethaneMattersNM
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All rivers are #WildlifeCorridors.

The long blue thread of the Rio Grande binds a patchwork of countries, states, tribal nations, millions of acres of private and #publiclands, and thousands of species—including us!

The river, and all the wildlife that rely on it, know no borders so we must manage our #water and #wildlifecorridors accordingly. #KeepItConnected #ConnectedCorridors #WildlifeWithoutBordersNM
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Perfect Friday headline!

So happy to see our state agencies collaborating to #KeepItConnected across the West!

“The key provision is looking at wildlife corridors, working with the state Department of Transportation as well as Game and Fish, so we can identify priorities, and work with tribes and landowners to get everyone at the table so we can protect wildlife and protect folks traveling on the road.”

—Rep. Georgene Louis, House sponsor of the bill

“Colorado is excited to partner with New Mexico to develop a united wildlife corridor strategy."

—Tim Mauck, Colorado DNR
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It all begins with an understanding of our connection to #wildlife. For our cultures and economies to thrive, we must protect wildlife and their ability to move across federal, state, tribal and private jurisdictions!

“A key component of Colorado’s outdoor recreation economy and our enjoyment in the beautiful outdoors as Coloradans is our relationship to #wildlife."

—CO Governor Jared Polis

#KeepItConnected #ConnectedCorridors #WildlifeWithoutBordersNM
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Este joven ha aportado un gran avance contra una de las amenazas más grandes del planeta.👏

#ciencia #microplasticos #nuestroplaneta