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We believe that when people are informed and engaged healthy societies and their environments thrive. We give voice to those most impacted by environmental degradation and climate change. Using our innovative toolbox: flight, film and education, we help people take ownership of the important issues in their communities. Check out our core beliefs in action at!
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We need to talk. Specifically about our relationships to our #publiclands and #wildlife.
Join us Wednesday 10/16 @rufinataproom_secondstreetbrew from 6-8pm to toast our national forests and all their inhabitants, and comment on your local forest plan! #KeepItConnected #ConnectedCorridors
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The Upper Rio Grande encompasses three national forests in New Mexico and southern Colorado, and represents some of the largest unfragmented #wildlife habitat in the lower 48!

Elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep and many other species rely on the region for winter habitat and as a wildlife corridor to move between the Jemez, Sangre de Cristo, and San Juan ranges.

Join us in advocating for more connectivity on our #publiclands at one of our upcoming workshops or online at!

Oct. 16 6-8pm Second Street Brewery
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Thanks for having us and participating in our Climate Innovation Challenge! Inspiring group of young people quick to grasp the meaning and importance of #climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.
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The Rio Grande, Carson and Santa Fe National Forests represent one of the least fragmented #wildlife landscapes in the lower 48, with elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer, pronghorns, lynx, black bears and cougars traveling among them.

Let's #KeepItConnected!

Speak up for wildlife corridors in your NM forests today!

Attend a workshop!


“When you have areas that promote wildlife movement from forest to forest, region to region, and state to state, it sets a strong precedent. We are hoping this can be a West-wide model.”

—Jeremy Romero, New Mexico Wildlife Federation/National Wildlife Federation
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“Our ecosystems are in crisis due to habitat loss, fragmentation and #climatechange. The science is clear: corridors help protect our most vulnerable species.”

Senator Tom Udall gets it! We sat down with the man behind the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act to talk about our increasing need for #wildlife corridors in NM & the West. See him in Part 3 coming soon!

Watch Parts 1 & 2 at 🎞
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As #wildlife habitat continues to be fragmented or lost to development, the need for habitat connectivity (aka wildlife corridors) is growing.

Better habitat connectivity will allow wildlife to migrate and disperse throughout New Mexico and the West with the changing seasons, boost #biodiversity and resilience in degraded ecosystems, safeguard genetic flow between populations, and ensure species are better able to adapt to #climatechange.

Learn more in Part 2 of Wildlife Without Borders on our Video tab!
Speak up for wildlife corridors in your national forests at