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We believe that when people are informed and engaged healthy societies and their environments thrive. We give voice to those most impacted by environmental degradation and climate change. Using our innovative toolbox: flight, film and education, we help people take ownership of the important issues in their communities. Check out our core beliefs in action at!
CAVU14 hours ago
Una escuela hecha de recicle con botellas plásticas y obras de arte con tapas y latas reutilizadas.

#reciclar #medioambiente #educacion
CAVU5 days ago
Congratulations to New Mexico's own Don Scheiber on elevating our #methane problem to an international level! Thrilled to see Dr. Gaby Pétron in the film too.

Catch them both in HBO's "Ice on Fire" and throughout our #UnearthedNM series!
CAVU7 days ago
Even when #oil production dips, #natgas rises. The rate of #methane leaks, #flaring and venting is also rising in NM's #PermianBasin.

In a crucial first step toward state-level methane rules, agencies are holding a series of meetings this summer for residents to share their concerns about #oilandgas emissions in their communities.

When are the meetings?

Farmington:1-5 pm, 7/29, San Juan Community College
Albuquerque: 1-5 pm, 7/30, UNM School of Law
Carlsbad: 8:30-12:30 pm, 8/7, Skeen Whitlock Building
CAVU1 week ago
On the road to state-level #methane rules, NMED Sec. Kenney believes "collaboration between regulators, communities, industry and environmental groups is imperative to enacting lasting changes to methane regulations in New Mexico."

Part of that process is hearing from YOU!

Mark your calendars for these upcoming community stakeholder meetings:

7/29: Farmington: 1 to 5, San Juan Community College
7/30: Albuquerque: 1 to 5, UNM School of Law
8/7: Carlsbad: 8:30 to 12:30, Skeen Whitlock Building
CAVU1 week ago
Who says we can't celebrate #WorldOceansDay in New Mexico?

About 100 million years ago, much of the #LandofEnchantment was submerged beneath the Western Interior Seaway. Back then there was no polar ice and sea level was about 1,000 feet higher than it is today.

"...It was about this time that arms of two separate oceans connected to create an aquatic divide over North America that teemed with seagoing reptiles, toothed birds, and a variety of archaic mollusks."
CAVU1 week ago
Heading #outdoors this weekend? Just remember...

Removing young animals such as deer or antelope fawns, elk calves, bear cubs can cost them their lives. Most of these animals that are discovered are hiding as they wait for their parents to return.