The Paths of Change was shot on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in Bahla Ballena, Punta Uvita. The film tells the story of a community in transition, faced with critical decisions on planning, zoning and development — decisions which will have a lasting impact on the social and environmental welfare of the region and it’s citizens. The film crew worked far in advance and collaborated with La Municipalidad de Osa, the Costa Rica Ministry of the Environment and Energy (MINAE-ACOSA), and La Alianza de Dessorollo, an organization of local leaders who believe that sustainable economic development must go hand and hand with the protection of their natural resources.

CAVU’s goal was to accurately represent the issues the community faces, and aid their process in finding solutions. Through a series of interviews, we gave voice to the local leaders while also allowing other opinions within the community to be heard. Aerial shots highlighted the extraordinary natural beauty of the region, but also emphasized significant threats. Finally, using local “talent”, a simple story was interwoven, playing out two different “paths of change” — one dark and the other much brighter.


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