Welcome to the Climate Innovation Challenge!

CIC is our free STEAM curriculum for grades 3-12 that guides students through the creation of climate change solutions and develops storytelling and video production skills. At the culmination of the Challenge, we showcase outstanding student videos and award scholarships and cash prizes for top entries. We aspire to give students a sense of agency and possibility as they move into their educational and professional futures in a climate-challenged world. 

“Participating in the Climate Innovation Challenge showed me that to break apart structural and environmental issues in your town, community or home, you don’t have to start with some entirely revolutionary or novel idea. What it boils down to is dipping your toes, even if it’s just a little bit, into something you’re passionate about and something you think is important.” – Maia, Student, New Mexico School for the Arts

2021/22 CIC Highlights



Winning Videos!




Vector illustration of Earth with reed marks indicating spots in the United States and one in Africa

Youth from 6 States and

CIC 2022 Keynote Speaker: Armon Alex

Armon Alex shares his inspiration for #ClimateAction along with his journey from outdoors and ocean enthusiast to professional climate advocate. Future climate leaders, take note!

MacGyver Award – Best in Show

“Addressing Inevitability: Composting for a Healthier Earth” by Maia, 10th grader at New Mexico School for the Arts

Teacher: Sarah Rowe

Outstanding Entry – Middle School

“Biochar: Soils Best Friend” by Alex, Adrian, and Athena, 5th-7th graders who are homeschooled

Outstanding Entry – Elementary School

“Fish Paradise” by Jacob, Seth, and Austin, 5th graders at Amy Biehl Community School

Teacher: Malcolm Smith Carlile

Outstanding Entry – High School

“Our Native Lawn” by Quinn, 10th grader at Sage International School of Boise

Teacher: Eric Oliver

Most Effective Storytelling

“CIC Video Project” by Sydney, 9th grader, Peak to Peak Charter School

Teacher: Kristie Letter

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