As is the case in many Latin American countries, significant segments of El Salvador’s population live without reliable access to potable water. Agua Salvadora is a documentary about the process involved in supplying potable water to poor communities, thereby significantly improving quality of life. Although the Lempa River is one of Central America’s largest rivers and one of the most important watersheds, leading to an abundance of water in El Salvador, more than one thousand children continue to die each year from illnesses related to contaminated water. For many Salvadorians getting water every day means walking for miles, across dangerous roads to find small aquifers that are most likely contaminated. The poor distribution of potable water and other similar resources has lead to a rise in community driven protests and an unstable political climate.

Agua Salvadora follows the Salvadorian people as they demand across the country equal access to potable water as a fundamental right. Through partnering with organizations like Avina and CARE International these local communities have been able to work with larger businesses and the government to bring in access to uncontaminated water. Agua Salvadora captures the crucial partnerships between AVINA, CARE and the company Amanco which is one of the biggest providers of water conduction systems in Latin America. Through this partnership communities have been able to install the needed pipes and pumps to provide regular access to potable water. Our hope is that Agua Salvadora is used as a resource to educate people and organizations on this crucial issue and ensure these programs reach every community in need.

CAVU encourages all – individuals, communities, businesses, organizations – to actively participate in the process of bringing potable water to communities in Latin America.

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