Vivian Chetwood

 Vivian, native to Boise Idaho is a student at Sage International School. On top of excelling in all of her classes she is passionate about learning the effects of climate change and how she can better the environment through expanding her knowledge on sustainable solutions to CO2 contributors. Vivian grew up in the Mountains  skiing, climbing and rafting where she experienced the effects of climate change when she saw extreme fluctuations in the weather.  After participating in the climate innovation challenge and winning the award of best story telling, she saw the perspective of climate advocates inspiring her to learn more about this issue.
 At her school Vivian is the secretary of student council along with the Sources of Strength liaison, lead of the spirit and assembly committee and a member of her school yearbook club. Through these experiences of helping out with her school she has found a passion for being a role model in her community. In her free time she is dancing and participating in dance events around the country. After school she takes the bus straight to her dance studio were she rehearses for hours until way past dark. She also loves hanging out with her identical twin sister and pursuing her other artistic interests.
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