Njeri Ndirangu

Njeri Ndirangu is an environmental conservationist and advocate who currently volunteers at Spice Warriors Climate and Environmental Organization where she takes part in their environment conservation activities. She has been involved in projects such as ‘A Tree a Child’ project where each child plants a tree based on their age to improve our forest cover.

Njeri previously worked as a social media manager and educator at Stand Up Shout Out. She educated farmers and the community on good environmental activities, smart agriculture, and environmental initiatives. She has also taught and enlightened students on the dangers that single use plastics have to humans and animals. Her background as a program manager allowed her to work on different projects like waste management, and Adopt a Park, which involved adopting a national park and taking care of the park and caring for the communities that live close to those parks.

Njeri grew up immersed in nature and environment on the slopes of the Abardare ranges. She has always wanted to devote her life to preserving the environment and she has participated in trainings on community development and service, communication, leadership, and mentorship, which have all played a big role in her work.

Njeri’s goal is to inspire the next generation to take care of the environment. Her background informs her unique approach and gives her clarity and insight into what it takes to be a responsible person that’s committed to environmental justice in the modern age.

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