Kimi Green

Kimi Green has been involved professionally in environmental conservation and community sustainability for 28 years in her tenure as Program Director for New Cycle Foundation, consultant services, staff and Board leadership with environmental and social justice non-profit organizations, and volunteer work for numerous non-profit organizations and campaigns. She brings an experienced understanding of innovative philanthropic strategies and cross-cultural platforms for community/philanthropic/government integration.

With New Cycle Foundation, as Program Director, Kimi provided support for local and international environmental and social justice programs. International projects included support for a multi-million dollar economic development fund building Tibetan refugee capacity for economic diversity and sustainability, advanced education, environmental regeneration and infrastructure for a permanent Development Bank. New Mexico program focus includes access to education and healthcare, environmental protection and economic sustainability in New Mexico communities.

During her service with New Mexico Community Foundation as Development and Community Sustainability Director (2005 – 2010), Kimi and fellow Directors shepherded key statewide initiatives with national funders to support the integration of rural and community access to education, healthcare, food security, environmental integrity, and diverse economic development. Together, they secured over $7 million in local and national matches to support successful initiatives.

Kimi has served as a Board Director of various organizations including Environmental Grantmakers Association, Citizen’s for Global Solutions, Amigos Bravos, Sustainable Communities Inc, New Mexico Grantmakers Association and currently, New Mexico Children’s Foundation.

Her education includes Biomedical Sciences at California State Polytechnic University and integrative medicine at New Mexico Academy of Advanced Healing Arts. A mother of two sons focused on civic engagement and social business education, Kimi loves community volunteer work, gardening and being in nature in her spare time.

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