“Voces del Darien” Release in Panama

By November 11, 2007Archive, Darién, Panama

CAVU’s major focus the last six months has been on the finalization of its project in Darién, Panama, which will culminate with the distribution the film “Voces del Darién.”

As a crucial step in raising awareness on the importance and fragility of Darién, CAVU, together with its strategic partners Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), The Nature Conservancy, SOMASPA and Fundación Natura, will present its film “Voces del Darién” before the press and other NGOs on November 16th, in the Tupper Hall of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, in Panama City.

CAVU began its work in Darién concerned with the ill effects a mega-highway transecting this region could have. Through the increased support of its partners, CAVU’s project grew to include issues such as regional poverty and deforestation, which contribute to the exploitation and growing fragility of this delicate ecosystem.

During this film release event, Archie Carr, senior advisor of international conservation to WCS, will give a speech about the importance of Darién in the regional connectivity of biologically significant zones. Domiluis Domínguez, director of Darién National Park, will reflect on the park’s current state and the challenges it faces.

“Voces del Darién” is intended as an educational tool to be used by conservation and social health organizations about alternative economic solutions for local stakeholder groups. The documentary presents sustainable forestry options, specifically the model created by World Wildlife Fund, that can help minimize poverty indexes by increasing wood prices while reducing the impact unsustainable logging has had in this region.

During the production process of this documentary, CAVU conducted more than 45 hours of flights and involved more than 12 organizations and 7 communities. This brought together various levels of stakeholders, organizations and government officials to create open dialogue and a platform for future discussions about the biological and geographical significance of the Darién Gap.

The film aims to encourage hope and opportunity in the region, suggesting that a brighter future for all lies in committed partnerships and innovative solutions, such that government, non-government and Darienitas can work together to preserve, protect and restore the diverse ecosystems of Darién for future generations.