“Someday is NOW!” World Premiere

By October 21, 2010Uncategorized

We’re happy to announce our latest film Someday is NOW! will be screened for the very first time this coming November 11th at the Bliss Centre for Performance Arts in Belize City, Belize.

SiN cover

The Mesoamerican Reef is Belize’s crown jewel and a major economic engine for the country. As the largest reef in the Western Hemisphere, it provides Belize with thriving lobster, conch and reef fish fisheries, a strong cultural icon, and a magnet for hundreds of thousands of tourists who come each year to enjoy its outstanding diving, snorkeling and fishing opportunities. This incredible resource is in peril. Unplanned development of coastal areas — including dredging and filling of critical mangrove forests, contamination, and overfishing — all threaten the reef and Belizean livelihoods.

In Someday is NOW!, against a lively backdrop of Belize’s Stonetree recording artists, we take an inside look  at these critical Belizean issues.

The evening will also feature our partner’s Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative Lifetime Achievement Award, which will be granted to Dr Robert Trench. From Belize City to Oxford, Yale and UCSB California, Dr. Trench has had a profound impact on our understanding of coral symbiosis and the very nature of reefs.

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