Reefs 4 People arrives in communities

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Our wave is rolling across Belize, bringing CAVU’s Someday is NOW! film and educational materials to coastal communities This Outreach Campaign, started in San Pedro on March 23rd, will continue to move across the country until it wraps up in Belize City on May 12th.


This rolling wave campaign will reach numerous population segments, from school children who use the film and Reefs for People video series in their classrooms, to high level governmental decision makers, fishermen, business owners and local governments alike.

While most Belizeans have known the Barrier Reef is under direct threat from many influences – unplanned development, over-fishing, agricultural runoff – the cumulative impact those threats have had on the Reef, and the coastal ecosystem as a whole, remained a bit of a mystery. Through Someday is NOW! local populations are realizing their country is now at a tipping point; immediate and general action is needed. Town by town Belizeans are becoming aware of dire implications of failing to have  a Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) in place, and Belizeans are ready to get involved!

At every venue our Petition quickly moves from hand to hand, everyone wants to increase the number of Belizeans asking the government to adopt and implement a comprehensive CZMP. You can join Belizeans and sign the Petition online! The Barrier Reef is a World Heritage Site, we as citizens of the world can be a part of this effort!

Naturally, feelings that arise with the film and the situation it portrays are not happy ones. There is resentment towards the government and its continuous lack of enforcement. This campaign also encourages citizens to become vigilant and take conservation action into their own hands: if you see a suspicious situation, find out if there’s a permit for it, check if the permit allows for all the activities you are witnessing, and if not, bring the issue to the authorities and the press!  The ReefsforPeople website makes all the necessary information available to facilitate this conservation action.

As the wave continues to roll, be sure to come back to the website and check for updates, or follow us on Facebook!

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