Playas Calientes, Olas Furiosas, Makes its Public Debut in Costa Rica!

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On October 20, 2009 the first large public screening of CAVU’S most recent film project, ‘Playas Calientes, Olas Furiosas’, created in partnership with World Wildlife Fund, was shown to a packed theater in downtown San Jose.


The evening’s events included a roll out of the World Wildlife Fund’s pioneering “Adaptation for Climate Change Toolkit” in which ‘Playas Calientes, Olas Furiosas’ plays an integral role.

The film highlights a community project in Playa Junquillal, a critical leatherback sea turtle nesting beach along Costa Rica’s quickly developing north- western Pacific coast. There, a group of proud Costa Ricans has successfully reduced poaching of endangered leatherback eggs to near zero, built and operated a model hatchery and encouraged sustainable, eco-friendly practices – from reduced lights on the beach to rural tourism.

Their efforts, however, will be in vain if steps aren’t taken to safeguard the beach and turtles from the effects of climate change. In this film we explore the ways communities can adapt to climate change and save sea turtle populations.

The film will continue to be screened as part of wider educational outreach campaign in coastal communities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean basin. WWF hosted the event which included a public reception after the screening and discussion on the effects of climate change and what it means for coastal communities and those that inhabit them.

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