“Playas Calientes, Olas Furiosas”, an International Success

By August 21, 2010Uncategorized

We are proud to announce that WWF‘s Latin American and Caribbean Sea Turtle has been able to distribute “Playas Calientes, Olas Furiosas” to coastal communities and conservation organizations within and beyond Central American and the Caribbean. The documentary has been presented in multiple forums, where it has been very well received with requests for additional copies for affected communities. The tool helps to educate local populations about climate change’s impact on marine turtles and coastal geography, with specific management techniques.

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In addition to local communities and workshops, it has presented in international conservation symposiums, including two Global Symposiums on Marine Turtles in Brisbane, Australia and Goa, India; the Red Atlántico Sur Occidental symposium in Mar de la Plata, Argentina; the Latinamerican Symposium on Marine Turtles in Guayaquil, Ecuador and the Marine Turtles Symposiom of the Southeast Pacific in Lima, Perú.

To quote our partner, Ana Fonseca of WWF “It’s clear that, on top of educating coastal communities, the documentary has established the Junquillal project as an experimental lab on climate change adaptation and as an example on a global level.”

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