Harrison Yazzie

Yá’át’éé, shi éí Harrison Yazzie Jr. yiníshyé. Naaneeshsht’éézhí tachii’nii nishłįį dóó Todich’íí’nii bashishchiin aadóó Todich’iinii dashicheii dóó Bit’ahnii dashinali. Arizona State University biidziił ólta’dí íínishta’.

Harrison Yazzie is a citizen of the Navajo Nation and is a senior at Arizona State University double majoring in Political Science and American Indian Studies with a minor in Sociology. Harrison is from Mentmore, New Mexico. Harrison’s area of expertise is within curriculum design for Indigenous education, Indigenous frameworks, Gender & Sexuality, and Indigenous political theory.

Currently, they are interning with CAVU (Climate Advocates Voces Unidas) as a Fellow with ATNI (Affiliated Tribes of North West Indians). Harrison’s work is about bringing an Indigenous perspective to the important issue around climate change education to ensure a sounder understanding of sovereignty, land relations, and opportunities for community action/healing on climate change.

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