Program DirectorAtherton Phleger


Atherton Phleger

Atherton “Atty” Phleger is CAVU’s program director, and joins the organization from the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, where he served as their New Mexico Tribal liaison. From both this position and his previous roles at a tribal consultancy and non-profit, Atty brings extensive experience supporting climate adaptation efforts, both those led by sovereign tribal governments and grassroots community organizations. 

As a fan of intact natural systems and generally a reliable opponent of self-destructive human tendencies, Atty is committed to using the vision of a hopeful future created by climate adaptation planning to motivate public and policy support for mitigation efforts. Much like other plains-dwelling prey animals, Atty is easily spooked by bad news and depressing statistics, and deals with these anxieties by purchasing heirloom seeds, stockpiling respirators, and over-watering geraniums.

Atty is a recovering English major, the valedictorian of his department at the University of Colorado and a member of the honors society Phi Beta Kappa. His current favorite currant is Gwen’s Buffalo, and his favorite plant family is Lamiaciae.