CAVU initiatives are CAVU at its best. Each one works to create a level playing field and unite communities by fully employing CAVU’s unique combination of tools: flight, film and education.

Past Initiatives

Belize: Reefs for People

The Belize Barrier Reef system is in dire straits. Plagued with threats such as rising sea temperatures, ocean acidification and increasing storms, Belize is also facing homegrown problems such as pollution from run-off activities, sedimentation, eutrophication, overfishing and habitat loss due to unplanned development.

Osa: Nuestras Aguas, Nuestra Vida

Along Costa Rica’s once remote south Pacific coast, a crisis looms. The access to Potable water, one of the most basic of human rights, is in jeopardy.

New Mexico: Girls Inc. of Santa Fe

CAVU collaborated with Girls Incorporated of Santa Fe, New Mexico to create a series of videos capturing their critical work and many achievements successfully helping young girls over the last sixty years.

Agua Salvadora

As is the case in many Latin American countries, significant segments of El Salvador's population live without reliable access to potable water. Agua Salvadora is a documentary about the process involved in supplying potable water to poor communities, thereby significantly improving quality of life.

Tortuguero: La Comunidad

The second film,

Gulf of Nicoya: AMPR: Palito de Chira

The Costa Rican coastline is rich in much more than just beauty. It offers a wide variety of marine life, including fish, crustaceans and mollusks. Thousands of Costa Rican families depend on fishing as a generator of employment, income and sustenance.

Agua Más Que Un Tubo

In the mountains of northern Costa Rica, communities who had long thought of water as an inexhaustible resource have begun to see a reduction in quality and quantity of this vital liquid. The cloud forests have been continually destroyed to make room for farm land and urban growth.

Osa: Senderos del Cambio

“The Paths of Change” was shot on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in Bahla Ballena, Punta Uvita. The film tells the story of a community in transition, faced with critical decisions on planning, zoning and development - decisions which will have a lasting impact on the social and environmental welfare of the region and it's citizens.

Guanacaste: Playas Calientes, Olas Furiosas

When the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), one of the world’s largest and most influential environmental groups, knocked on CAVU’s door with a proposal to create the newest “tool” in their ‘climate change toolkit’ – we didn’t hesitate.

Paso del Istmo: Entre Lago y Mar

The province of Rivas, on the most southwestern corner of Nicaragua, is home to one of the highests densities of biodiversity in Nicaragua.

Coiba: Perspectivas Sobre Coiba

Coiba is part of an important marine biological corridor, and the coastal communities play a crucial role in protecting this jewel of the Pacific.

Darién: Voces del Darién

The Darién Gap is vital and necessary ecosystem to maintain the health of the Americas not only because it is home to a wealth of biodiversity but also because it acts as a barrier between North and South America.

Higher Ground: The Battle to Save Florida’s Beaches

Exploring the Reality of Our Changing Coastlines

For decades, Florida’s outstretched coastline welcomed millions of Americans who came in search of their part of the American dream. But Florida’s beaches are no longer an unspoiled paradise for people and wildlife.

Cockscomb Jaguar Proud

The Cockcomb's project focuses on local community empowerment of the jaguar’s habitat and their ability to positively benefit from the Preserve and the peripheral economic resources jaguar conservation provides.