Initiatives and Video Library

For more than 15 years, CAVU has addressed social justice and environmental issues across the globe, resulting in our extensive video library.

Dive in to complex ecosystems and hear stories from the people most impacted and fighting to make their families and communities more resilient

CAVU Initiatives

Palito de Chira

Palito de Chira»
13 minutes

The Costa Rican coastline is rich in much more than just beauty. It offers a wide variety of marine life, including fish, crustaceans and mollusks. Thousands of Costa Rican families depend on fishing as a generator of employment, income and sustenance. 

Girls Inc. of Santa Fe

Girls Inc. of Santa Fe»
4:30 minutes - Strong, Smart, and Bold

CAVU was asked to collaborate with Girls Incorporated of Santa Fe, New Mexico to create a series of videos capturing their critical work and many achievements successfully helping young girls over the last sixty years. CAVU highlighted three young girls who grew up in the Girls Inc. community and truly embody the Strong, Smart, and Bold mission for which Girls Inc. strives.

Saving the Gila River

Saving the Gila River»
2:30 minutes - Hip Hop Political Music Video

Originating in America’s first designated wilderness area — a protection inspired by Aldo Leopold — New Mexico’s Gila River is a mainstay for the region’s recreation economy and a biological gem whose riparian forests boast one of the highest concentrations of breeding birds in the country. But it’s now at risk from a billion-dollar diversion project. After three failed attempts to dam and divert this still-wild river, developers are hoping the fourth time’s a charm.