Initiatives and Video Library

For more than 15 years, CAVU has addressed social justice and environmental issues across the globe, resulting in our extensive video library.

Dive in to complex ecosystems and hear stories from the people most impacted and fighting to make their families and communities more resilient

CAVU Initiatives

Panama: Perspectivas Sobre Coiba

Panama: Perspectivas Sobre Coiba»

Coiba is part of an important marine biological corridor, and the coastal communities play a crucial role in protecting this jewel of the Pacific. The film tells the story of passionate people creating a sustainable future for their community. This film was shot, edited, and premiered within the very community where it was filmed all within one week.

Higher Ground

Higher Ground»
The Battle to Save Florida's Beaches

For decades, Florida’s outstretched coastline welcomed millions of Americans who came in search of their part of the American dream. But Florida’s beaches are no longer an unspoiled paradise for people and wildlife. A rapidly growing population, coupled with sea level rise and increased storm activity, is severely straining the state’s dynamic barrier islands.