CAVU Initiatives

New Mexico: Girls Inc. of Santa Fe

New Mexico: Girls Inc. of Santa Fe»
Strong, Smart, and Bold

CAVU was asked to collaborate with Girls Incorporated of Santa Fe, New Mexico to create a series of videos capturing their critical work and many achievements successfully helping young girls over the last sixty years. CAVU highlighted three young girls who grew up in the Girls Inc. community and truly embody the Strong, Smart, and Bold mission for which Girls Inc. strives.

El Salvadore: Agua Salvadora

El Salvadore: Agua Salvadora»

As is the case in many Latin American countries, significant segments of El Salvador’s population live without reliable access to potable water. Agua Salvadora is a documentary about the process involved in supplying potable water to poor communities.

Tortuguero: La Comunidad

Tortuguero: La Comunidad»

“La Comunidad” was shot in Tortuguero, on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Presented in partnership with the Caribbean Conservation Corporation ICC0, Costa Rica Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) and La Comunidad Barra del Tortuguero, the film celebrates the community’s recent successes due to its conservation ethic. 

Gulf of Nicoya: AMPR: Palito de Chira

Gulf of Nicoya: AMPR: Palito de Chira»

The Costa Rican coastline is rich in much more than just beauty. It offers a wide variety of marine life, including fish, crustaceans and mollusks. Thousands of Costa Rican families depend on fishing as a generator of employment, income and sustenance. 

Costa Rica: Agua Más Que Un Tubo

Costa Rica: Agua Más Que Un Tubo»

Through the reforestation of lands surround their water sources, ecological loans to reclaim their watershed and the involvement of all members of the community, the people of Río La Balsa are fighting to protect a quality of life they have enjoyed for generations. They are all aware that the quality of the water itself cannot be taken for granted.