Initiatives and Video Library

For more than 15 years, CAVU has addressed social justice and environmental issues across the globe, resulting in our extensive video library.

Dive in to complex ecosystems and hear stories from the people most impacted and fighting to make their families and communities more resilient

CAVU Initiatives


6 Part Series - Exploring Oil & Gas Issues in New Mexico

“Unearthed” utilizes the power of local voices in film, storytelling, and community collaboration to bridge the gap between ideological extremes, linking climate, economy, and health so that they are more easily understood as non-partisan issues. In coordination with more than 20 local and national non-profits, schools, community and religious organizations, we will roll-out our video and webinar series through social media, radio, meet-ups and public forums.

Reefs for People

Reefs for People»
7 Part Series

The Belize Barrier Reef system is in danger. The scenic beauty of the region’s coastal areas makes it a prime tourist destination, which can put pressure on fragile reef environments. Further inland, rich soils attract large-scale agriculture, whose run-off can severely impact reefs. And increasing sea levels and water temperatures from climate change threaten corals and other marine animals such as turtles, as well as the communities that depend on the reef for their livelihoods and food security.

Ahead of the Tide

Ahead of the Tide»
10 Part Series

“Ahead of the Tide” is an independent movement launching a 10-part video series highlighting the effects of sea level rise and climate change through the stories and voices of local Floridians. Each short video (5 to 7 minutes) showcases various aspects concerning sea level rise and includes interviews with scientists, engineers, politicians, conservation directors, educators, authors, activists.

Wildlife Without Borders

Wildlife Without Borders»
4 Part Series

Wildlife Without Borders is a CAVU media initiative to raise awareness and a better understanding of the importance of wildlife and wildlife habitat to landscapes, local economies, and cultures in the West

Senderos del Cambio

Senderos del Cambio»
25 minutes

The Paths of Change was shot on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in Bahla Ballena, Punta Uvita. The film tells the story of a community in transition, faced with critical decisions on planning, zoning and development — decisions which will have a lasting impact on the social and environmental welfare of the region and it’s citizens.