CAVU Shares “Voices of the People” with CARE International in Bangkok

David Smith was one of only five outside speakers asked to address CARE International’s senior leadership at their Global Leadership Conference in Bangkok, Thailand this past spring. CARE International is the world’s leading humanitarian organization working to end global poverty and address crucial humanitarian issues in over 95 countries around the world.

CAVU’s unique storytelling style highlighting “voices of the people” in our projects garnered the attention of CARE. CAVU previously partnered with CARE on our project Agua Salvadora where we worked to encourage community members in El Salvador to actively participate in the process of bringing potable water to their communities. While the project received considerable attention in Latin America, this was the first time CARE’s senior leadership saw how impactful and effective our work is.

CAVU’s presentation engaged two separately packed audiences with lively discussions on how we engage local communities by using their voices and perspectives in our films. During the presentation David also shared his own story and experiences that led to the creation of CAVU and its unique participatory cinema style. Click here to watch Agua Salvadora.

Photo (top left): President and CEO of CARE USA, Michelle Nunn, David Smith and Jordan Smith