CAVU Sends Film Crew to Nicaragua’s Paso del Istmo

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In mid-November, CAVU sent a crew to Nicaragua to begin the filming of Entre Lago y Mar, the latest CAVU documentary. The film will focus on the narrow, 12-mile ribbon of land between the vast Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean, a crucial land bridge and corridor for species that migrate between North and South America. The region also harbors remnant dry tropical forest, an increasingly rare ecosystem in Latin America.

Nicaragua Shoot
Cameraman Garrick Dutcher, Project Director Dave Sherwood, Project Coordinator Marcela Naranjo and Editor Mónika Naranjo spent 10 days in the region, based out of San Juan del Sur, interviewing local business leaders, farmers, eco-tourism operators and developers, documenting the rapid changes affecting the region and gathering local voices to help raise awareness and pride in the area’s unique natural resources.

Paso Pacifico, our partner and local grassroots conservation group, worked hard to help arrange for a comfortable, and productive visit, for which the CAVU Team was very greatful.

The film, currently in the editing stabe, will be released later this year. It will be used as an educational outreach tool in schools, community groups and even among foreing investors, to help convey the importance of sustainable alternatives and conservation in this unique area of Nicaragua. Stay tuned!

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