CAVU Premieres “Nuestras Aguas, Nuestra Vida” in Uvita, Osa

By April 7, 2008Archive

Saturday the 12th of April CAVU and TNC hosted and event in Bahía, where the film “Nuestras Aguas, Nuestra Vida” was premiered. More than 300 people attended the open event.

With the purpose to bring attention on the lack of discussion around unplanned development and the scarcity or depletion of water sources, CAVU allied with TNC and the local water management organizations to produce a film what will utilized as a strong tool in the struggle for water conservation in this part of the country.

Residential and lodging buildings are becoming the biggest threats to the mountain range near the Central Pacific coast as it increases the risk of erosion, which ultimately affects water springs and coral reefs. The beauty of this area attracts many people and investors, and the local livelihoods, adapted now to live off tourism, may suffer yet another drawback if the destruction of these resources continues.

CAVU produced a piece which will hopefully be utilized as an awareness tool, to be freely used by those groups interested in the conservation and balanced development between nature and people in the Osa.

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