CAVU Is Proud To Be A Supporting Partner in the “Raise the River- Reconnect the Colorado” Campaign!

By October 11, 2013Archive, Arizona, United States

On September 7th, an event was held at the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix to launch the Raise the River campaign. Renowned actor and conservationist Robert Redford and dignitaries from United States and Mexico were in attendance to celebrate one of the greatest environmental restoration opportunities of the Century — an ambitious, multi-national effort — to reconnect the Colorado River to its Delta in Mexico.

Raise the River is a collaborative effort among nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and community groups to raise $10 million by 2017 to restore the Delta. In less than a year, they have raised more than a $1 million, and now have a matching grant of $1 million from the Terra Foundation.

CAVU aims to assist in the efforts through scientific overflights to collect important habitat data and to raise awareness through media flights.

To learn more about the campaign and how you can make a real difference, please contact us for more information and visit the links below.

Photos by Dora Gro/Diana Reed & Daniel Swadener


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