CAVU Flights Focus on the Osa Peninsula

By September 23, 2008Archive

Educating Decision-makers
On September 25, 2008, CAVU flew The Nature Conservancy, representatives of Costa Rica’s Ministry of the Environment (MINAE) Osa Conservtion Area (ACOSA) and members of the Tribunal Ambiental over the Osa Peninsula and Fila Costeña in southern Costa Rica. These flights served as an educational overview to the members of the tribunal, providing a unique vantage point by which to assess the areas’ riches and current threats. The Fila Consteña is being pressured by unsustainable development. Large-scale, poorly planned and often, illegal developments are threatening the area and its precious water resources.

CAVU Flights Illuminate Beach Destruction on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula
On September 11, 2008, Captain Robert Morrison flew Tico Times reporter Leland Baxter-Neal and photographer Monica Quesada to the Osa Peninsula to document the recent destruction which occurred on beaches, Playa Plantanares and Playa Precioisa, located just south of Puerto Jimenez. Concerned residents, conservationists and busineness owners alerted the environmental community at large to the questionable clearing of plants, beach grasses and trees. CAVU stepped in to offer assistance, providing a needed outlet for media attention and aerial documentation of the destruction. Through these overflights we were able to accurately assess and record the impacts.

Over the course of three days, sections of beach, as much as 30 meters wide, were stripped of nearly all vegetation. When it was over nearly 500 meters had been cleared and trenches had been dug to dispose of the slash; one of which was dug perilously close to a turtle hatchery holding some 4000 eggs. Investigations are on going to determine the legality of these actions, with the environmental community and media continuing to monitor and report on the situation.

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