CAVU Donates Flights to MINAET For Monitoring Protected Areas

By April 24, 2014Costa Rica, Osa

CAVU flights continue to be instrumental in supporting Costa Rica’s Minister of the Environment (MINAET) management effectiveness of protected areas across the country. On a recent flight of the Osa Conservation Area, land managers were able to monitor land use and detect illegal activities. Of upmost importance were the areas bordering the Humedal Térraba-Sierpe, a RAMSAR Wetland of International Importance. MINAET officials were able to detect and document destructive practices being carried out. Only visible from the air, the flights uncovered trenching being done by palm oil operations, shrimp farming in the mangrove areas and violations to the protected areas’ buffer zones. Additional areas covered were Parque Nacional Corcovado and the Laguna Pejeperro Wildlife Refuge. Throughout the flights observations were also made of illegal gold mining and forest fires. With the information and photographic eevidence gathered on the flights, MINAET officials are able to immediately take corrective measures to curtail the activities.

MINAET Osa Flight

Taking part in this most recent flight were: Rodolfo Acuña, Geinor Barquero, Laura Díaz, and José María Arroyo of MINAET

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