CAVU Flight and Film Promotes Sustainable Fisheries in Costa Rica

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CAVU’s is working to promote sustainable fisheries in Costa Rica with its partner INCOPESCA. INCOPESCA is a semi-governmental organization working to join fishers in an effort to create Responsible fishing areas. CAVU is supporting their work via flight, film and educational outreach with funds from the Walton Family Foundation.

FLIGHTS: Recent flights with INCOPESCA have allowed biologists to demarcate the proposed boundaries of the newly created responsible fishing areas in the Gulf of Nicoya at Palito, Isla Chira.

Additional flights with Incopesca biologists surveyed the country’s thriving aquaculture industry. GPS-referenced aerial photographs allow biologists and government officials to determine best future uses of fisheries areas, boundaries for marine zoning and enforcement policies for industry and agriculture

FILM: Our recently-released 12-minute film on the Palito Responsible Fishing Area, in Costa Rica’s Gulf of Nicoya, will serve as an educational outreach tool in which CAVU and INCOPESCA will work together to help communities in Costa Rica increase sustainable fishing practices and increase awareness of the importance of smart, forward-thinking marine zoning.

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