CAVU Features “Nuestras Aguas, Nuestra Vida” with TNC at National Event

By September 28, 2008Archive

On August 13, CAVU, in conjunction with strategic partner The Nature Conservancy, launched its national educational outreach campaign with the premier of Nuestras Aguas, Nuestra Vida. This first large-scale showing exceeded all expectations – as did its impact. Hundreds arrived to attend the showing in Cine Magaly, one of Costa Rica’s original movie theaters, in downtown San José. Among the attendees were members of the National Assembly, founders of the country’s national park system, high-ranking government officials, the president of the country’s Environmental Tribunal, and dozens of people from the Osa region – including many who took part in the film.

“It’s a completely new way of approaching the problems facing Costa Rica – and the response tells us it will become a model for similar issues throughout Latin America,” said David Smith, president and founder of CAVU. “We couldn’t be more excited.” In the film, local people tell the story of an increasingly alarming situation facing communities in the canton of Osa, one of the world’s most biodiverse regions. The alarming rate of unplanned second-home and condominium development in the Fila Costeña, Osa’s coastal mountain range, has jeopardized the drinking water of thousands – and the communities have taken a stand. The story touched viewers – many of whom commented afterwards that the film has sparked a new interest in protecting the people and wildlife of the Osa Peninsula.

The showing was proceeded by an educational outreach campaign in local communities throughout the canton of Osa – in which CAVU worked directly with the local to raise awareness and discuss productive solutions to the ongoing crisis.

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