CAVU Continues Flying In Support of Osa Protection

By June 18, 2012Archive, Uncategorized

Since 2008, CAVU has been actively supporting the work of Costa Rica’s Tribunal Ambiental Administrativo (TAA) through regular overflights.The flights utilize GPS embedded aerial photography to positively identify projects of environmental concern such as illegal logging, land use change, mangrove forest destruction, dredging and waterway diversions for agriculture production.

This report highlights the most recent work undertaken by the TAA, focused on the Osa Peninsula, with particular attention paid to the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve, Drake Bay, Los Mogos and the Sierpe Térraba Wetlands, an important RAMSAR site. CAVU continues to play a pivotal role in ensuring the TAA has the needed resources to continue its important work protecting Costa Rica’s biodiversity.

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