CAVU, Conservation International and The Walton Family Foundation Continue Central American Survey Flights in Panama

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In January, CAVU flew with a multinational group from Conservation International and The Walton Family Foundation. The second in a series of two articles, you can read more about the Panama flights by clicking below.

On Tuesday, January 13, 2009, CAVU President Captain David S. Smith met four members of the Conservation International and Walton Family Foundation team at Albrooke Airport in Panama City, Panama. Starting with a ninety-minute informative and enlightening flight over the damaged southwestern coast of Panama, the group flew out to Panama’s crown jewel: Isla de Coiba. The newest and most extraordinary national park in the region, Coiba encompasses a vast marine protected area as well as the island itself, a former infamous penal colony.

Landing on Coiba, the group was met representatives from Fundacion MarViva. Earlier, with the assistance of MarViva, the Panamanian military had arrested a longline commercial fishing operation inside the park boundary, and the group observed a portion of the interaction. After visiting park headquarters and touring coral reefs by boat, the group flew back to Panama City, appreciative of another successful CAVU flight.

The following day, David had plans to fly with the Smithsonian Institute and International Community Foundation over Las Perlas Islands, but this CAVU mission unfortunately had to be canceled at the last minute, and is being rescheduled for a future date.

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