Chapter 10 – Looking to the Future

Something must be done about rising seas in Florida. Chapter 10 of Ahead of the Tide is a call to action for anyone and everyone who wants to see a healthy and vibrant future for Florida’s coastal communities. Whether considering the devastating economic consequences of eroding beaches, impacts of sunny day flooding, losing the Florida Beach brand, or disappearing coastal habitat for wildlife, the Ahead of the Tide Series has been focused on bringing attention to the need for Floridians and Americans to take an active role in the future of resilient, beautiful beaches for generations to come. It is time for all of us to step up and be the change we want to see. Join the Conversations Starting April 29 at

Credits in alphabetical order

Gary Appelson, Policy Coordinator, Sea Turtle Conservancy

Dr. Archie “Chuck” Carr III, PhD – Senior Conservationist (Retired), Wildlife Conservation Society

Dr. Jeff Chanton – Chemical Oceanography, Florida State University

David Godfrey – Executive Director of Sea Turtle Conservancy

Carl Hiaasen – Author

Dr. Jennifer L. Jurado – Director, Environmental Planning and Community Resilience, Broward County

Todd Remmel – Entrepreneur, Surfrider Foundation, Palm Beach Chapter

Philip Stoddard – South Miami Mayor

Dr. Harold Wanless, Professor and Chair, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Miami

Tom Warnke – Environmental Activist, Surfrider Foundation Palm Beach