Chapter 9: Civic Engagement

Chapter Nine of Ahead of the Tide focuses on the various ways people have been engaging in the conversation to address the ongoing challenges of sea level rise. From joining marches in the streets to participating in public meetings to voting in leaders who are willing to work towards viable solutions, the public voice can bring about the necessary changes. Through these and other actions we must demand that we stay ahead of the tide.

Credits on alphabetical order:

Manley Fuller – President and CEO of Florida Wildlife Federation

Dr. Jennifer L. Jurado – Director, Environmental Planning and Community Resilience, Broward County

Todd Remmel – Entrepreneur, Surfrider Foundation, Palm Beach Chapter

Thomas Ruppert, Esq. – Coastal Planning Specialist, Florida Sea Grant College Program

Philip Stoddard – South Miami Mayor

Dr. Harold Wanless, Professor and Chair, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Miami

Tom Warnke – Environmental Activist, Surfrider Foundation Palm Beach