A Sustainable Future for Nicaragua’s Paso del Istmo

By September 1, 2010Uncategorized

CAVU is excited to announce the release of its latest film, Entre Lago y Mar, with its partner Paso Pacifico. The film portrays the proud people and wildlife of the narrow strip of land between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean.

“Paso del Istmo” is a small biological corridor stretching only 12-miles connecting a ribbon of land, sea and lake. It is home to incredible biodiversity: a remnant population of freshwater bullsharks, rare tropical dry forest, spider monkeys, yellow-naped parrots and mass arrivals of ancient olive ridley sea turtles.

Learn about the region’s remarkable people, the culture and the wildlife, and Paso Pacifico’s efforts to ensure a sustainable future for all. The film will be used as an educational outreach tool in schools, community groups and even among foreign investors, to help convey the importance of sustainable alternatives and conservation in this unique area of Nicaragua.

Selects from the film were recently featured by the Clinton Global Initiative to highlight the work of women in small communities in Nicaragua.

To find out how you cal help, please visit their website, or to donate to their projects, click here.

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